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Child Care Training Consultants, LLC's is offering CDA courses that provide Continuing Education Units (CEU's) to providers locally, nationally, and globally. 

NOTE: These online courses meet the 120 clock hours of professional development required by the Council for Professional Recognition. The CDA online training is comprised of eight instructional subject areas.

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CLICK HERE - CDA Instructional Subject Areas

CLICK HERE - Module 1 - CDA Subject Area 1: Safe and Healthy Learning Environment

CLICK HERE - Module 2 - CDA Subject Area 2: Children’s Physical and Intellectual Development

CLICK HERE - Module 3 - CDA Subject Area 3: Supporting Children’s Social and Emotional Development

CLICK HERE - Module 4 - CDA Subject Area 4: Building Productive Relationships with Families

CLICK HERE - Module 5 - CDA Subject Area 5: Managing an Effective Program Operation

CLICK HERE - Module 6 - CDA Subject Area 6: Maintaining a Commitment to Professionalism

CLICK HERE - Module 7 - CDA Subject Area 7: Observing and Recording Children’s Behavior

CLICK HERE - Module 8 - CDA Subject Area 8: Understanding Principles of Child Development and Learning